11 Things You Need to Know About Bubble Tea

1. Bubble tea was created in Taiwan.

It was invented in Taichung in 1983 by Liu Han-chieh they started to produce special style tea this was the bubble tea the other popular name is “boba”.  Bubble tea was special because it was cold and at the bottom of the glass there were tapioca beads. The product name comes from the foam on the top of the drink when you shake the tea.



2. The special flavors making the Bubble tea unique.

These flavors are in the bubbles at the bottom of the glass. There are several types of bubbles from the basic to the special ones. Bubble tea is half tea and half food.



3. The most common flavoring is tapioca pearls

Tapioca is extracted from the cassava root in Brazil. The tapioca pearls are very tasty and sweet.



4. Don’t give Bubble tea to children.

The bubbles can be dangerous for children because of the texture and the choking hazard.

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5. The most popular and original taste is classic milk tea.

It’s black tea coming with milk powder and sugar generally named as classic milk tea.



6. There are several types of new bubble tea.

It can be fruity milk tea that is like a milkshake but without ice cream so not that much heavy taste. You can get bubble ice tea it comes with fruit juice.



7. Mousse bubble tea has the most interesting taste.

If you want to try something special we suggest you taste the mousse bubble tea. It’s sweet and creamy and also good for photos.



8. What kind of bubble tea should you choose first?

Of course, it depends on your taste but we suggest you try something basic for the first time. The tapioca beaded classic bubble milk tea is loved by everyone so it is a safe choice.



9. Gluten-sensitive people can drink bubble tea because it’s gluten-free.

The tea and the tapioca pearls are gluten-free so if you are gluten-sensitive you don’t need to worry about it.



10. The healthiest bubble tea type is the matcha bubble tea

Matcha tea is well known for its healthy properties if you would like a healthy and tasty bubble tea we recommend the matcha bubble tea.



11. The most surprising bubble tea is the taro bubble milk tea

Taro is an Asian brown root vegetable when you make it as a pure it becomes purple and it has a really sweet taste like cookies and cream.

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