8 Best Teas for Faster Weight Loss

1. Matcha Tea One of its best features is that it boosts not only the mind but also the metabolism, plus it can stop the growth of new fat cells without straining the liver and kidneys. So if you want to get significant results fast, feel free to try matcha tea! 2. Green Tea Green … Read more

11 Things You Need to Know About Bubble Tea

1. Bubble tea was created in Taiwan. It was invented in Taichung in 1983 by Liu Han-chieh they started to produce special style tea this was the bubble tea the other popular name is “boba”.  Bubble tea was special because it was cold and at the bottom of the glass there were tapioca beads. The … Read more

12 Health Benefits Of Matcha Tea

1. High amount of Antioxidants If you drink one cup of matcha daily it’s enough dose of antioxidants for your body.   2. Helps lower Cholesterol level Matcha powder can manage the Cholesterol level to the right amount, it can lower the bad Cholesterol and increase the good one. 3. Stress-reducing effect Matcha contains a … Read more