8 Effective Herbal Teas Against Insomnia

1. Catnip Tea Catnip is one of the best known soothing herbs. It contains valeric acid, which calms the nervous system, as well as isovaleric acid essential oil, valepotriates compounds, alkaloids, and tannins. Due to its intense odor, it is used more in tea blends. 2. Lemongrass Tea Lemongrass is also a popular, very pleasant-tasting, … Read more

8 Best Teas for Faster Weight Loss

1. Matcha Tea One of its best features is that it boosts not only the mind but also the metabolism, plus it can stop the growth of new fat cells without straining the liver and kidneys. So if you want to get significant results fast, feel free to try matcha tea! 2. Green Tea Green … Read more