6 Perfect Ideas for Your Dream Tea Party

1. Choose a theme for the tea party

When we’re planning a tea party, it’s important to decide what theme to choose. Be brave and creative and try new things. The floral and vintage theme is one of the most popular themes and they are easy to create.



2. Mixing colors and design

You can mix cups and plates styles, they don’t need to be the same design. This can be a good solution when it’s difficult for you to choose from several styles you can use all of them.



3. Stylish table setting

You need to take care of the entire table it includes napkins, the tablecloth, flowers, silverware, cups, and plates. You can put additional decorations for the table.



4. Beautiful and sweet desserts

No tea party without cakes the more beautiful the tastier. Have several types of cakes with varying shapes and colors. Nowadays, the most fashionable cakes are macarons and mini cupcakes. If you don’t have the time or courage to bake them you can also buy it in a patisserie.


5. Focus on the cake stand

The cake stands are very practical and stylish. It’s a great help in serving cakes and they go very well with the atmosphere of the tea party, this will make the table really cozy.

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6. Choose your outfit for the tea party theme

The most important consideration when choosing your outfit is to have fun in it. Pastel, floral, and vintage style outfits are always great choices they go well for any occasion.



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