8 Effective Herbal Teas Against Insomnia

1. Catnip Tea

Catnip is one of the best known soothing herbs. It contains valeric acid, which calms the nervous system, as well as isovaleric acid essential oil, valepotriates compounds, alkaloids, and tannins. Due to its intense odor, it is used more in tea blends.

2. Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass is also a popular, very pleasant-tasting, soothing herb that improves digestion, eliminates bloating, and also reduces heart complaints of nervous origin. Its active ingredients are essential oils, flavonoids, triterpenes, and rosemary acid.


3. Hop Tea

The tea made from hop cones has an anxiolytic, calming effect, helps to eliminate the sleep problem due to stress, and provides easy sleep. It also helps with gastrointestinal problems of nervous origin, improves appetite, and is also used for bile problems and gout.


4. St. John’s wort Tea

St. John’s wort is a natural antidepressant, has a mood-enhancing, stress-relieving effect, and is a cure for complaints of nervous origin. The plant contains essential oil, flavonoids, hypericin derivatives, tannic acid.


5. Blackcurrant leaf Tea

Tea made from black currant leaves is stress-relieving, has a mild antihypertensive and antiperspirant, kidney-protecting, anti-inflammatory effect as it contains flavonoids, proanthocyanidins, essential oils, routine, and tannins.



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