5 Things You Need to Know About Jasmine Tea

1. What kind of tea is jasmine tea?

It is usually made as green tea mixed with the aroma of a jasmine flower, but there is also a version made of white or black tea. The jasmine tea taste is sweet and has a really good smell moreover in China this tea is the most populare and scented.



2. The best quality jasmine flowers

The flower has been grown since the 5th century in the high mountains of China. The best quality jasmines are grown in Fujian Province, but can also be found in several provinces of China.  The flowering period is in summer.



3. How they make jasmine tea?

The leaves of the plant and the flower are also used in the preparation. The petals of the plant are first collected in the spring and then the flowers are harvested in the summer. It is very important to collect the flowers in the morning and keep them cold all night and they start to smell here mixed with the tea leaves this is one of the most important steps. It takes about 4 hours to add the fragrance. This step needs to be repeated up to 6 times to achieve the perfect result.



4. Why is jasmine tea healthy?

It helps manage stress and balance the nervous system. The scent of jasmine helps to relax so it is very important to inhale the fragrance. Jasmine flower is very useful for the skin to help make it healthier.

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5. The meaning of jasmine in culture

Do you know what the jasmine symbol means? Many people do not know that it has an important role in Chinese culture, as this flower is a symbol of infinite love. It is also one of the most important and sacred flowers of Buddhism.


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