6 Teas You Should Try Inspired by Autumn

1. Apple herbal tea

Don’t you like too sweet teas? Then this tea will be your favorite in the fall as here the emphasis here is on the fruitiness of the apple instead of the sweet taste. As it is an herbal tea so it is not only delicious but also healthy.


2. Sweet pumpkin black tea

There is no autumn without pumpkins. This tea is a perfect choice for autumn mornings as black tea gives you enough energy to start the day. The tea is intensive and sweet you don’t need to put additional sugar for it.



3. Salted sweet caramel black tea

In addition to pumpkin, caramel is one of the most popular flavors in the autumn it’s also sweet but not as much as the pumpkin version. It is an ideal choice at any time of the day.



4. Chai Tea with spicy pumpkin flavor

This tea has an amazing smell it will make your day also with its special taste. I like this tea for evening with a good book and a biscuit.


5. Spicy pumpkin tea with vanilla flavor

If you are addicted with sweet teas this one will be your favorite. I think this tea has an amazing smell your home will be full of with vanilla and pumpkin smell.

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6. Black tea with caramel aroma and vanilla cake flavor

If you like caramel and vanilla then this tea is for you. In this tea you can feel the vanilla cake taste without eating a cake. It’s so sweet but not as much sweet as pumpkin vanilla version.


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